What is it that distinguishes travelguides? We believe: endurance, meticulousness and most of all curiousity, a characteristic that we haven't lost in the 20 years of our professional work. When we do research for a travelguide - be it in Namibia or Lower Bavaria - we look at the towns, the sites, the churches for the umpteenth time as if it was the first time. This happens to be more difficult for us in our home country than in more exotic regions.

Yet our academic education in ethnology and sociology heightenend our perception to the fact that even the pell-mell of a Bararian community fair follows its own strict ritual rules. This is the only way to make travelguides perceive and convey more than just superficial impressions. Needless to say that we do know the regions that we cover, that we have done a lot of travelling there and that we stay in constant connection to them. We are pleased with the positive feedback to our work in the reviews.